Hire a Divorce Mediator in Santa Rosa, CA

We offer divorce mediation to keep the peace within your household

Divorce is never easy, and court proceedings can strain relationships and affect the entire family. With professional divorce mediation from the Law Office of William S Bleecker, your family can avoid costly and emotional court proceedings. A divorce mediator in Santa Rosa, California can create a fair, practical arrangement for your family's transition and help you work through differences along the way.

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What can a divorce mediator help you with?

What can a divorce mediator help you with?

At the Law Office of William S Bleecker, we aim to bring together both parties involved an argument through our divorce mediation techniques. Your divorce mediator will be a neutral resource to help you and your spouse work through the most complicated divorce-related issues, including:

  • Dividing your assets, including finances and material belongings
  • Creating custody agreements, including child support requirements
  • Splitting up joint retirement funds to benefit both parties
  • Filing your taxes with new requirements based on your divorce
Through effective communication and problem-solving, we'll create solutions that work for your family. This can include more than one meeting, if necessary.

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